Thursday, June 13, 2013

My kids are growing up! Tawni will be a Junior, Haylee will be a Freshman, and Maddy will be a 3rd grader in August. Whh do they have to grow up so fast?

Haylee and Maddy are going to get into being movie extras to keep busy this summer. I hope it works out. :)

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hoppy Easter!

Hoppy Easter every bunny!! Brian surprised us by coming home for Easter. He was not going to make it originally.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Please someone come take my Les Miserables DVD away. I LOVE this movie and have watched it like 7 times since I got it on Friday and if I am not watching it, I am still playing it and listening to it. I am obsessed.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Maddy's School Project

Maddy and the whole 2nd grade at her school did a project on American Heroes. They've worked on it for a few weeks. They picked a hero from the list and did a report and a desktop presentation.

Today, they showed the presentations to their parents. They were even allowed to dress up as the person they chose.

Maddy chose Sacagawea.  She and the other 2nd graders did fabulous!!!

They also had members of the Military, Police Officers and Firemen come, because they are also heroes that aren't thanked everyday. :)

The kids sang "God Bless the USA" (which made me tear up) and "This Land is Your Land" to everyone.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Poor Animals

Duchess, Shiloh and Marley all had their spay and neuter surgeries yesterday.  Marley had given birth to 5 cute babies 2 days before. Mama is still resting nicely. Duchess was soooo mad at me for the whole day yesterday. She wouldn't even look at me. Shiloh loves playing outside and I can't let him for another day. He is mad at me, too. He keeps howling and crying at the door. The life of a responsible pet owner is hard sometimes.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

What has happened lately.

So I downloaded the blogger app to my phone. Hopefully I will remember to keep this updated now. :-)

Our little family has gone through a MAJOR change. Brian got in a wreck on Christmas Eve in his semi. He hit a patch of ice on a bridge and tipped over on his side. His driver side window shattered and his arm was being dragged along. Luckily he thought that (with all this chaos) he needed to pull his arm back in. He suffered scrapes and bruises but nothing more. He was fired on 12-27-12. Thankfully he was able to find another job. But he now works on the oil fields in North Dakota. He is gone for a month or more and home for a week or two then goes back up. It's been hard on our family, especially Maddy.

Tawni is in high school (10th grade) now and thriving. She is doing better academically than she ever has. Almost straight A's. :) She is planning on graduating early and taking college courses next year in Cosmetology.
She also got her Drivers License on December 21, 2012.
Tawni also got her first job at Arctic Circle in November. Yesterday, after being there only three months, got Employee of the Month!
Her and Brandon are still together.  It will be 2 years in June.  They are still so cute. :-)

Haylee is doing great in 8th grade. She is in Science Club at school and LOVES Science.  She is trying to step out of her shell by trying out for various things at school like school plays and jazz band. She didn't make either but she gets an A for effort. Believe me I know how hard it is to overcome shyness. No boyfriend yet.... thank goodness... but she is totally boy crazy like her Mommy was at her age. :-) She has decided to become a vegetarian so its been a chore to find something without meat that we all will eat, especially when Brian the carnivore comes home to visit. Haha

Maddy is in 2nd grade and doing well. She is a reader like I am. :-) She never ceases to make me laugh with her wit and her brain works in amazing ways. This girl has everything it takes to be a huge success in life. I hope she never loses her way. She knows what she wants and thinks of ways to get it. Awhile ago she made a sign that said "Give me $" and sat on the egde of our front yard and held up the sign to every passing car. A few stopped and gave her a couple dollars. :-)

I work very part time at Maddy's school as a Playground Aide. I love it. I am there before school and during lunch recess everyday.
I still want to get into the Medical Field so bad. I am having trouble doing it. I can't afford school now and I can't find a job that will help me put my foot in the door. Or any job for that matter.
I am still trying to lose weight but its so hard.  I haven't been walking as much because its been so cold outside.  Hopefully it warms up soon.

Shiloh and Marley are doing well. Marley is currently ready to pop with her 3rd litter. She and Shiloh will be getting fixed soon. Haha

We got a dog for protection while Brian is gone. She is 13 weeks old and is a Black Lab/German Shepherd mix. She looks more like a Shepherd. Her name is Duchess. Her ears are starting to stand up too, which is so cute. We got her on New Years Day when she was 6 weeks old. This dog is growing like CRAZY. Marley is not happy with Duchess's presence, as she always tries to attack her. Shiloh just sniffs Duchess and moves along.

I am going to try and upload pics of the girls and other stuff. I hope it works. :-)